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Our own development of synthetic economic indicators, in charge of the Foundation's Department of Methodology and Scientific Research.
The SME Entrepreneurial Confidence Index or simply ICEPyME is a statistical indicator built and developed by the Fundación Observatorio PyME in cooperation with the Department of Statistics of the Università di Bologna that measures the mood of SME entrepreneurs, a variable that conditions production and investment decisions in the short and medium term.
The ICEPyME is prepared based on data collected in conjuctural surveys of industrial SMEs throughout the country and Software and Computer Services of CABA. It is surveyed since 2008 on a quarterly basis based on the perceptions of businessmen about the state of the country, the economic situation of the company itself and of the activity in which it is inserted.
Towards the end of 2017, the business confidence of industrial SMEs improved substantially, from a level of 47.7 points in the August measurement of this year to the current 57.9 (+21% quarterly, +15% interannual). Likewise, this level of confidence is high for the entire historical series (starting in April 2005) and reaches values similar to those of 2005-2006 in full post-crisis recovery.
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The PMIPyME (Purchasing Manager's Index) is a statistical indicator widely used internationally and adopted by the Fundación Observatorio PyME since 2015, which provides synthetic information on the productive situation of Argentina's industrial SMEs, revealing through direct surveys to businessmen, the evolution of production, employment, the order portfolio, the speed of delivery from suppliers and the existence of raw materials.
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