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Between July and August 2006, representatives of the National Institute for the Development of Small and Medium Industry (INAPYMI) of the Ministry for the Popular Economy of the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela, the Fundación Observatorio PyME and the Universitá di Bologna  with representation in Buenos Aires met , with the aim of technical cooperation between Venezuela and Argentina in transferring the experience and work methodology used by the Foundation to other Latin American countries.

The purpose of the project was to establish a national program for the production of information and data for action that would allow INAPYMI to permanently monitor the situation of Small and Medium Enterprises and Production Cooperatives.

Likewise, the Industrial Geography of Venezuela was carried out. The publication is a study on the territorial location of Venezuelan industries where it seeks to identify the level of industrial development of the country's territorial jurisdictions (Federal Entities and Municipalities) and its evolution between 1999 and 2005. In addition, territorial specializations are identified- sectors of these territories and the industrial districts or single-sector territorial agglomerations (high territorial concentration of companies with more than 5 employees in the same sector of activity, that is, SMEs and large industrial companies).

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